After years of experimenting with varied and different forms of expressing myself through my art, I finally 'found' myself in acrylic mixed-media. Inspiration comes from my environment. 

Anything that intrigues me or 'calls my name' may find itself incorporated into my work. Nature usually speaks loudest...probably due in part to where I spend much of my a log home beside a river surrounded by miles of forests.

When I begin a painting, I have a plan in mind of where I want to go. I should have learned by now that as soon as I begin to implement 'my plan', the painting tells me where 'we' are going. It gradually unfolds as I become consumed with the process. It is a journey I always find fascinating.

All of my work is original. I do not make giclees or prints. My art is now held in private collections through the United States.

New from the Studio in 2019

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